miércoles, marzo 28, 2007

Muchas gracias a todos por las lindas palabras, las cosas ya estan pasando, asi son siempre no? las tormentas son pasajeras, no duran toda la vida, gracias a Dios.

Esta cancion me ha encantado.

Que historia mas triste, es la que cuenta la cancion.


"I (Who Have Nothing)"

I, I who have nothing
I, I who have no one
Adore you, and want you so
I'm just a no one,
With nothing to give you but Oh
I Love You

He, He buys you diamonds
Bright, sparkling diamonds
But believe me, dear when I say,
That he can give you the world,
But he'll never love you the way
I Love You

He can take you anyplace he wants
To fancy clubs and restaurants
But I can only watch you with
My nose pressed up against the window pane
I, I who have nothing
I, I who have no one
Must watch you, go dancing by
Wrapped in the arms of somebody else
When darling it's I
Who Loves you

I Love You
I Love You
I Love You

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violeta dijo...

linda canción.. snif.
que bien que la tormenta esta pasando, ya podrás ver el arcoiris :)